As part of the international backup_festival this year, bckp events will include concerts, lounges and a central party as the musical part of the festival. Bands, live acts, DJ’s and VJ artists will be performing Wednesday through Sunday in various locations around town.

The events will open with LILA BUNGALOW. The opening concert will be held in the traditional backup location – Lichthaus Kino in the E-Werk yard. The highlight of these events will be bckp_2014 on Friday the 23rd of May at Gaswerk, which has for many years been known as a popular location for artists and party people. The backup_team will be also looking forward to the musical performances of Deer (Giegling Weimar) und die DJs Bradley Zero (Boiler Room /Rhythm Section London UK), Mila Stern (Chalalit / Charles Bronson Halle/S.) und Sog (Polynom Köln-Weimar).