GUENTERS GETAWAY – backup on 4th Advent and the Kurzfilmtag


On the shortest day of the year, the Winter solstice (21st of December 2015), short films will be screened in countless places around the world as well as on TV networks and online platforms, as part of the worldwide event: Short Film Day 2015.

Whether you’re on your own or part of a company, club or other organization, whether it’s indoors or outdoors, in a cinema or using an improvised projector, whether you want to screen your own films or showcase other people’s work, everyone can participate in this event and set up their own shortfilm screening. The sky’s the limit.

The backup_festival is presenting the animated winter short film by Scarlett Nimz: GUENTERS GETAWAY

This Video was only available on December 21st 2015, but please be excited about our next presentation 2016.

You can find additional screenings near you on this website:

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