On the 4th of January our “Call for Entries” ended and until today we got many transmittals!

We got so beautiful films and now we have to sight and sort the short-films. A big thank you to all artists, universities and students for participating in our festival. We’re looking forward to the announcement of our festival-programm in march!

On the picture you can see from which parts of the world films were submitted via FilmFreeway.

GUENTERS GETAWAY – backup on 4th Advent and the Kurzfilmtag


On the shortest day of the year, the Winter solstice (21st of December 2015), short films will be screened in countless places around the world as well as on TV networks and online platforms, as part of the worldwide event: Short Film Day 2015.

Whether you’re on your own or part of a company, club or other organization, whether it’s indoors or outdoors, in a cinema or using an improvised projector, whether you want to screen your own films or showcase other people’s work, everyone can participate in this event and set up their own shortfilm screening. The sky’s the limit.

The backup_festival is presenting the animated winter short film by Scarlett Nimz: GUENTERS GETAWAY

This Video was only available on December 21st 2015, but please be excited about our next presentation 2016.

You can find additional screenings near you on this website:

award winner close-up – Michael Venus



received a special jury mention in the category backup.clip.award and won a audience award of 250 euro for

Parasite Single – THE HUNT. The video is about a band that appears at different locations to wake up a drowsy person with their song.


award winner close-up – Kai Stänicke



received a donated by Toskana World and the Liquid Sound Club with the amount of 500 euro for

The Hidden Cameras – Carpe Jugular, Germany, 2014
On the bloody battlefield called dancefloor, cause young people ruthless pain to each other.


award winner close-up – Paul Horn


Austrian artist and backup_festival prize recipient Paul Horn. Juliane Fuchs (head of the festival) was able to visit him (and Slavoj Žižek) in his Studio in Vienna.

Right now he is working on the stage design for the season ending of the Tanzquartier Wien in the upcoming week, where the performance group ‘Toxic Dreams’ will be taking their audience to a World’s Fair on life in the 21st century.

For his work TRAFO, Paul Horn received the backup_festival 2015’s grand prize of 3000 Euros, endowed by Sparkasse Mittelthüringen. We are proud and grateful to have been able to present TRAFO at our festival.




Audience award at
backup.herzblut.award supported with donation of 250 Euro by Partisan Vodka:
Anómalo, Spain, 2014, Aitor Gutiérrez, University of the Basque Country

Special mention by jury:
Parasite Single “The Hunt”, Germany, 2014, Michael Venus, Bauhaus University Weimar; Hamburg Media School, supported with donation of 1000 Euro by Liquid Sound Club of Toskana World:
1. The Hidden Cameras „Carpe Jugular“, Germany, 2014, Kai Stänicke, WAM Dortmund
2. LuLu „Schnee“, Germany, 2013, Philipp Klemm, Konstantin Pape, Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle

Audience award from backup.festival with donation of 250 Euro:
Parasite Single “The Hunt”, Germany, 2014, Michael Venus, Bauhaus University Weimar; Hamburg Media School

backup.award:, supported with donation of 2000 Euro by Audio Network, Musiklizenzen Bauangriff, Germany, 2014, Laura Engelhardt, The Berlin Weissensee School of Art

backup.collaboration award of 2500 Euro, raised through crowdfunding on Wemakeit platform and financed as an audience prize:
Chicken Cube, Germany, 2014, Anna Penkner, Renate Pommerening, HAW Hamburg

Special mentions
1. STILL LIFE, Germany, 2013, Florian Fischer, Johannes Krell, Werkleitz PMMC
2. Chicken Cube, Germany, 2014, Anna Penkner, Renate Pommerening, HAW Hamburg
3. Inventar, Germany, 2014, Thadeusz Tischbein, HGB Leipzig
4. Das Bild in dem Bild in dem Bild in dem Bild, Germany, 2014, Catalina Giraldo Vélez, Marlen Pelny, Bauhaus University Weimar, DLL Leipzig

backup.award, main award, supportted with donation of 3000 Euro by Sparkasse Mittelthüringen:
Trafo, Austria, 2014, Paul Horn, Rhode Island School of Design, R.I. USA; University of Applied Arts Vienna


Jury members backup.award:

-Philipp Gregoire                                                                                                                                                                           Philippe Grégoire grew up in Napierville and now lives in Montréal, Canada. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Film and Comparative Literature from the Université de Montréal and a Master’s degree in Communication in the Experimental Media Creation profile from the Université du Québec à Montréal. His short films, “aquarium” and “Beep Beep” have been presented in over 75 film festivals in over 20 different countries.

-Tanja Bubbel                                                                                                                                                                                         Tanja Bubbel was born in Ruhrgebiet. After she has finished in Berlin and Chicago her Master’s degree in Philosophy, she atttended the Film and Television University in Potsdam where she studied screenplay and dramaturgy. In 2011/2012 she received a 12 months scholarship to intend a program, designed for screenwriters in Munich. She lives and works as a writer and director in Berlin.

-Felipe César Londoño                                                                                                                                                                           Felipe César Londoño is Rector of Universidad de Caldas (Colombia) and director of International Image Festival (since 1997) in Manizales, Colombia. He is also director of PhD in Design & Creation at the Universidad de Caldas and coordinator of the Media Lab Manizales, curator of Digital Scenarios, which presents Digital Design and Net Art. Felipe is Titular Professor in the areas of Visual Design and Experimental and researcher in art, design and new media.


Jury members clip.award:

-Guillaume Lambert                                                                                                                                                               Guillaume Lambert is first and foremost an actor from Montreal, Canada. He played in Romania in 2006, worked with world renowned choreographer Dave St-Pierre and director Chloe Robichaud. Guillaume takes his passion of acting to the help of productions in the role of casting director.Lately, he has been working on an experimental feature film he wrote and in which he acts as the lead performer.

-Peter Zorn                                                                                                                                                                                        Peter Zorn, born 1967 in Traunstein, Germany, studied arts in an experimental film class at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brunswick. He co-founded the Werkleitz Association, the Centre for Media Art Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, he initiated and manages the European Artists in Residence Exchange of the European Media Art Network, he is also co-director of the Werkleitz Biennale / Werkleitz Festival. He works as film maker, producer, media researcher and media art curator / expert (i.e. for the Goethe Institute) in Werkleitz and Halle (Saale).

-Sebastian Linda                                                                                                                                                                              Sebastian Linda is making films since he was twelve years old. He taught himself how to work with camera, sound and cutting. He studied Media production at the University of Darmstadt and in the meanwhile he was improving his filming skills. In 2004 Sebastian Linda produced the film “Born to Skate” as his bachelor’s degree; in 2008 he finished studies with a Master degree in Media Direction. His films are shown on various festivals and also on TV. At least once a year Linda realizes a project that is financed on his own to enjoy artistic freedom, for example “Revenge of the Beasts” or “MR Elektro”.



Here we’ve got a few first pictures from backUP PRE-PARTY EVENING at Planbar. (more…)