Stefan Wolf

Mayor › City Weimar

Dear friends of the backup_festival!

The backup_festival has returned once again, now for the 19th time. A noteworthy achievement that speaks volumes of the movers and shakers behind this small but sweet festival.

“Accidentally created” is this year’s motto and once again, there will be short films and music videos. Many of which that provide information about the creativity, ideas, technological understanding and innovations of a generation that has learned to handle a medium that leaves its mark on our everyday life like no other, in a competent yet playful way

I am looking forward to a festival that is once again presented to the public through close cooperation with Lichthaus-Kino and e-werk. The smaller showings in flat shares, and the accompanying parties, and, of course, the award ceremonies are also worth mentioning.

I would like to thank the Bauhaus-Universität, the creators of the festival and Juliane Fuchs very much for their great commitment and I wish the backup-festival every success.

Yours truly,
Stefan Wolf

Prof. Dr. Winfried Speitkamp

President › Bauhaus-University Weimar

Life doesn’t always go according to plan; rather, much is left to chance. So why not venture to it? This year’s backup_festival. backup_festival asks just that. With its motto “accidentally created”, artists dive into the realm of coincidence, both intentionally and unconsciously, and show their courage to make mistakes, give up control, and allow curiosity to lead them to random new products. The results of this strategy will be showcased at the 19th edition of this festival. More than 3000 short films from over 100 countries were submitted.

I wish you the best of luck and every success for the 2017 backup_festival in Weimar.

Prof. Dr. Winfried Speitkamp
President of Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Prof. Wolfgang Kissel

Direktor › Bauhaus Film-Institut

B is for Bauhaus
F is for Film
I is for Internationality

In reality a film production is the opposite of accidentally created. An independently made student movie takes – as every movie making enterprise – a whole lot of research, writing and precise planing. But if you look closer at the history of the backup festival you might notice that the term accidentally created matches rather precisely the development of Weimar’s student film festival. It started as an initiative of young film buffs who were looking for something like a self-help group for supporting the production and the distribution of their movies. From back then, it has become a platform for international dialogue and exchange.

And they “accidentally created” a successful University project module which becomes more and more relevant as a way to get in touch with the world of media and the arts. Like in the famous book “B is for Bauhaus: An A to Z of the modern world” by London based curator Deyan Sudjic, backup became an essential tool kit for understanding the world of “new media” as it was called in back.up’s founding year 1999. It’s about trends and technology, about art and politics. It’s about the uniqueness of interactive digital art installations; video journalism as a replacement of conventional television according to Michael Rosenblum; hands on workshops for celluloid fundamentalists and much more. Formats like back.up at home even bring you the artist into the privacy of your own house. The festival presents Madagascar’s new cinema initiative as well as a best of compilation of short films from the Steve Tisch School of Film and Television of Tel Aviv University.

Back.up is about the love for international gatherings and about the exchange with experienced curators and young creators. It is about the love for experiment, for research and a commitment for a never ending creative lifestyle. Or as Sudjic might put it:

B is for backup
A is for accidentally created
C is for curating
K is for Kunst
U is for unique
P is for party

Prof. Wolfgang Kissel
Bauhaus Film Institute