Das backup_festival hat es sich zum Ziel gemacht mit seinem Hauptpreis dem backup.award Kurzfilme auszuzeichnen, die von Studierenden und Absolventen von Kunst-, Medien- und Gestaltungshochschulen kommen. Dabei macht sich das Festival auf die Suche nach den besten Kurzfilmen, die eine möglichst neue und kreative Herangehensweise an das Medium Film beweisen und ganz bewusst traditionelle Narrationsstrukturen hinter sich lassen. Das Kurzfilmfestival will junge Talente fördern, die den Mut haben innovative filmische Sichtweisen umzusetzen, und ihnen eine Bühne und Austauschplattform für die Präsentation ihrer Werke vor einem breiten Publikum ermöglichen.

at.home 2017 brings a selection of short films into the living rooms of Weimar. On the festival days, shared flats in Weimar open their doors to festival guests starting at 4:00 p.m. It’s not about having an ordinary DVD night in a living room atmosphere, but about reflecting on the questions that are brought up by the challenges of modern day film reception: Can films that are produced for the big screen also work outside the cinema? While they relax on the sofa, the viewers decide which filmmaker will take home the “backup.herzblut.award” offered by Partisan Vodka. In this program you will discover unusual projection screens, decorations and culinary delights.


Some mushrooms can make you hallucinate. Music rings in your ears. Let yourself get picked up by flying ducks and follow the data flow of your fantasy. Honey, when did you turn into a deer? The intertwined bodies of dancers don’t feel hate. Euphoria about things which fall from the sky easily transforms you into a crazy bird. The only thing you can do is jump into the air. Robots like to drink tea and snails might want to explore outer space as well. After all the hustle and bustle, just scream from the bottom of your lungs: I love my vagina! Then dance naked in your flat and listen to the beat. In a crazy circus, the rabbit pulls you out of the magician’s hat. Shimmering lights, shapes and sounds are all you can perceive in this climax of confusion. Finally, everything is over, just take a zip of ginger beer to settle down.


backup.connect is a platform for artists from the film industry and young aspiring artists from the Bauhaus University Weimar. Experts show their film, music video and internet projects in a series of lectures. Economic and promotional ideas are a main focus of backup.connect. Therefore, the programme has a special position within the backup_festival. Students have the chance to gain insight into the working methods and strategies of successful film and music experts. Furthermore, there is a chance to connect with the free economy and to ask the experts.

2nd Weimar Poetry Film Award

In recent years the poetry film has gained considerable importance. For the second time the backup_festival and the Literarische Gesellschaft Thüringen e.V. are following this development with a corporate, internationally advertised poetry film contest. Filmmakers were invited to submit contributions dealing with lyrical texts in a new and innovative way, mainly focusing on the creative dialogue between the two art forms, rather than the simple filming of the poems themselves. The goal of the contest is the long-term support of the poetry film in Thuringia and Central Germany.

The competition »Weimar Poetry Film Award« is financed by Kulturstiftung des Freistaats Thüringen, Thüringer Staatskanzlei and the City of Weimar.


This year, the bckp-events including concerts, lounges and a big party from the musical portion of the international backup_festival. Bands, live acts and DJs will perform from Wednesday to Saturday in the Weimarer Gaswerk, a location well-known by artists and party animals. We will start on Wednesday the 17th at 8 pm with a kick-off concert. On Friday the 19th, the backup party will be the main event. This year, we look forward to hearing lots of different artists. Apart from musical guests, there will be a discussion about »the situation of poetry film festivals« on Friday and a colloquium about »typography and writing in poetry films« on Saturday. On Saturday evening, we finally see the best of the best during the award ceremony at 9 pm. Those of you who just can’t get enough can have one last impression at the “best of backup 2017”. Afterwards, there’s nothing to do but look forward to next year’s festival and the awesome new films at backup.

Visuals for all events made by Tobe+Enzo

art.screen is an exhibition of artistic works whose forms and methods of presentation leave the digital world behind. The connection between people, nature and technology constitute the exhibition. Narratives and digital works beyond the projection screen are combined in a spiritual net. invites you, together with the filmmakers, to shine a light on the seemingly chaotic digital path via monitors and projection screens. Through the hypnotising technical and aesthetic trip, you’ll experience elusive transcendental moments, and within them, you will find the unseen and the unknown.

Vernissage 17.5.—18:00