Clara Winter

19. May — 15:45 › 16:45

Clara Winter studied Videoart at the art school Kassel. Since 2014 she has been working with the multifunctional Miguel Ferráez who can be counted as western thinking person, regardless of his third world upbringing. Together as a two-man production crew and non based artists they creat situations and use fictionalised reenactments to perform them into her statements.
Despite their geographical and political contexts which differ greatly, they find a common place in their middle-class background and their wish to use the medium of art to just make something good.

Poor People Relax Me
D-2016, Germany
Aesthetic abuse of the fewly privileged turned against the privileged few.
40 min

Friedrich Liechtenstein

18. May — 20:30 › 21:30

Friedrich Liechtenstein can be called a pioneer of vertical cinema. He is hosting the first festival ever for vertical cinema – “Die erste Vertikale”, in Bad Gastein, Austria. Nowadays, where it is possible to film vertically with smartphones and other mobile devices, it is time to establish the vertical cinema as a suitable format for film.That is the goal of this festival. In order ensure that vertical film and the vertical cinema can be enjoyed, it is important to create new rooms and perspectives. Bad Gastein is a vertical place because of its famous waterfall and its many towering grand hotels. There’s truly no better place to host “Die erste Vertikale”.

Friedrich Liechtensteins Vertical Cinema
18.5.2017, 21:30–22:30
Alte Staatsbank, Steubenstr. 15

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