Colloquium »Typography and Type within Poetry Film«

20. May
10:00 › 13:00

Panel Discussion »The Situation of Poetry Film Festivals«

19. May
15:00 › 16:00

Super8 Workshop

18. May
Kursleiter › Andreas Kersten, Florian Rau

Th—Sa, 18.—20.05.
10:00 — 18:00 Uhr
Gaswerk Venue

Fee 50€ (Super8-Filmroll)

Leonard Cohen, David Bowie and Achim Mentzel are dead.
But Super8 lives on! All of a sudden, the memories of film evenings at home are fading away as the 8/16mm film is celebrating its comeback as a modern medium from a long time ago. Kodak is launching a new camera and new film, and we’re jumping fast into the adventure of “Super8”.
Film – Develop – Project. It was always simple and always will be. After a short introduction into Super8 and the different Super8 cameras, it’s time to create and develop a film together. On the second day, everyone can create their very own film. Everyone will have 2 and a half minutes to fill with images. It will be exposed with the camera-editing technique. In the evening, all films will be shown to the audience of the backup_festival. All hail Super8!